Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Foot fungus, gas, and early morning Book of Mormon study

This next part is gross, just FYI. So foot funguses are really, really, really common in Colombia. It is a pretty big problem. The best way to deal with the problem, as in prevention and curing, is to urinate on your feet every time you shower. Everyone does it. It is gross, but from what I have heard, which is pretty much from everyone, is that peeing on your feet every time you shower is absolutely essential. So Mom, I’m sorry, but I’ll be peeing in the shower for the next two years.

More gross things.  I already said how everyone is having terrible gas and diarrhea, but a lot of kids are having problems controlling their bowels. One kid was constipated for the first 8 days and needed laxatives, and three others have pooped themselves mid-class because they just lost control. I don’t know what the problem is, but it is bad. I have been good though. My digestive system is as hard as a rock. No problems for me so far. Knock on wood.

Not gonna lie, moral was really low the first three days. I was absolutely fine, but the majority of the kids were tired, homesick, and just frustrated. Many of them seemed depressed. I worry for these Elders. Things are getting better for them. Once again, I have been good. Don’t get me wrong, I miss home, and I miss you all. However, what I am doing right now is more important.
Car Alarms: For some reason unknown to me, car alarms literally go off 24/7. I´m not joking, I usually get woken up at least twice every night to car alarms. Plus, the alarms are very different than in the USA. They cycle through different tones and noises. One is currently going off in the background as I type this letter. 

Every morning from 7-8 AM we read the Book of Mormon in the Sala José Smith (the chapel). At first it was hard to stay awake in a completely silent room with only the Book of Mormon, but now it usually is my most favorite part of the day. There is no better way to start off the day. 

On Sundays everyone in the CCM is required to write a talk. Each district gets a different topic, and then President Dyer picks kids out of the crowd during sacrament meeting to speak. It keeps everyone on their toes. One kid in my district couldn´t sleep the night before because he was so scarred. 

On July 4th the Nortes (Americans) had a little meeting with President Dyer were we just talked about the constitution and America. It was really nice to commemorate July 4th. 

The city of Bogota is covered in graffiti. However, the graffiti
looks really good. It is not the terrible graffiti that you would expect from a big city. It is very artistic and quite nice.

Overall, I am super excited to hit the field.  We went proselyting today, and it went well. We had 8 contacts.  The 8 contacts went well. They literally just opened up the gates of the CCM and told us to be back by 12. Having Elder Santacruz helped, but I honestly felt more effective with Elder Flamm. We were just more heartfelt and less into doctrine. 

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