Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tanner's P-day Tourism Adventures in Bogota

Today was pretty sweet. We went to the temple with only the Gringos. Session was great. We then went back to the CCM, and the 14 old Gringos changed into preparation-day clothes and went on a tour of Bogotá. After your 4 week mark, missionaries go on a tour of Bogotá. 
So the 14 of us took a bus up the mountains to the base of the steepest part of the mountain. We then took a gondola up to the second highest mountain in Bogotá where there is a really old Catholic church. The gondola was super sketchy and the cliffs were crazy. If we would have fallen, absolute death. Anyway, we rose up the mountain super fast. Everyone´s ears popped. Once we reached the top, WOW. The view was amazing. Bogotá is absolutely massive. The city stretches on beyond your vision.
The view was amazing at the top of the mountain. The church was cool too. It must have been a pain to build. Really windy and kinda chilly, but so cool. When I come back to Bogotá, this is definitely a stop on the list.
Anyway, we took the gondola down and boarded the bus that took us to a museum all about ancient American gold. The gold pieces were amazing and the museum was surprisingly nice. It was really cool to explore the museum and see the gold sculptures, pieces, and designs. Overall, really cool.
We then bounced from the museum and hit up McDonalds. Wow. Amazing. It felt like heaven inside my mouth. So good to have relatable food for the first time in 4 weeks. We all savored the burgers with every single bite. So good and reminded me of home. 

We then went shopping for Colombian soccer jerseys. Bogotá is crazy at night. It was a mad house trying to buy authentic jerseys off the street. We actually bought them from a shirtless investigator. The jerseys are legit. I´ll definitely be bringing back a bunch. 
The photos are pretty self explanatory.


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