Saturday, October 4, 2014

Baptism in Bogota!

So the baptism for Andres went through!! It was nuts but really great. We arrived to the large canvas bag that is our font an hour before the baptism. It is leaking and the water is about a foot high. It also so happens that the water is off. Great. We spent the next hour running up and down the stairs to the third floor filling up buckets of water from our shower and dumping them in the font. We worked frantically. Our efforts put a mere dent in the problem, getting the water level to knee height. We were going to do this baptism though. Opposition in all things is real. The baptismal service was simple yet sweet. I was pretty sweaty though. It took Elder Ramirez three tries to get it right. The spirit was strong and this service made me hungry to do more of the Lord`s work. It was a great yet very interesting first baptismal experience.

Valentina is doing well. She attend sacrament meeting and that was great. It was a fast and testimony meeting. She could not have picked a better Sunday to come. Everyone that bore their testimony did a really fine job. We also taught her about the gospel of Christ this week Andres was actually with us and helped us teach a lot. Midway through the lesson Valentina was talking and just started to cry. To be honest, I really wish I could have understood what she was saying, but whatever she did say must have been profound. The spirit was forceful that night. The lesson was great and she is progressing daily. It is also super helpful that she has some good friends that are members. Members are amazing support systems in this work. They show that Mormons are actually normal.

 My head cold is pretty much gone, knock on wood. However, a nasty blister has been killing me. I will send a picture. It does not look bad, but let me assure you it is quite painful. Imagine walking on a marble all day. As the week has progressed it has grown less painful. I hope it does not get infected. I spray some stuff on it every night. Hope it works!

You know how I am extremely inflexible? I have been working on it, and now I can touch my toes. No lie. It is a miracle. I am sure that my football friends are gonna not believe me after they saw daily how bad at stretching I was. I am telling the truth though. It is great to see the progress. I am going to come back more flexible than Miranda B!

 Crazy story. We were coming back from a lunch appointment at the first councilor’s house. Many of the taxis here are just jeeps with bench seating. We flagged down the taxi only to find zero room. However, if you stand on the back you don`t have to pay full price. So that’s what we did. Imagine standing on the back lip of the van, holding onto the roof rack, and driving on highway 84. It was definitely not the smartest or safest thing I have ever done. The best part is that while traveling 80 Kilometers an hour, I couldn`t miss the opportunity to snap a pic. One handed pic while holding onto the roof rack for dear life. The pic is pretty poor, but it is still awesome. Cool story. Really stupid though.

I had my first zone conference this week. I am in the Barbosa 1 area, in the Barbosa district, which is in the Tunja zone. There are 4 of us in Barbosa and 8 in Tunja, 2 of which are Latino sisters. There are no Gringo sisters in all of Colombia. There are 12 of us in the zone. The drive to Tunja was fine. Tunja is the coldest place in Bogota Norte. It was nice to take a break from the heat. The meeting was fine. Nothing too special. A lot of memorization to learn. The Zone Leaders gave a spiritual thought. We then went to get pizza, the 4 of us, at the best pizza place in Tunja. It was pretty good. Nothing like real NYC pizza, but good for Colombian standards.

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