Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tanner's First Zone Conference

On Saturday I had my first multi zone conference. It was in Sogamoso, so we had to wake up at 3 AM and travel the roughly two hours to Tunja, and then we had to travel another 2ish hours to Sogamoso. The trip was real bad. I was banking on sleeping, yet I didn´t receive much. The conference was cool. I need to memorize a bunch of things. President Andelin gave two lessons on the Law of Chastity and the Atonement. His teachings will help us be better teachers. Overall the experience was cool. The day was pretty much over by the time we got back to Barbosa. It was nice to hear and speak English to native speakers. Elder Brito is good at English, but it still is not the same. The other missionaries seem chill.

 Andres is doing well. He is attending almost every class that we provide, even mission prep. I doubt that he will serve a mission, but it is good that he is attending the class. His mom is actually a less active member who we are working with. We actually have a Noche de Hogar, or family home evening lesson, with her and another less active family tonight. Should be good. Andres is doing well.

Also, you all should look up Tad Callister´s talk about the "Blueprint of Christ´s Church." It is excellent.
 Valentina is also doing well. After we taught the Plan of Salvation lesson we asked her how she felt about Oct 4, her baptismal date. She said that she wanted to be baptized, but needed more time. That is very understandable. She is also doing great. She is coming to Sacrament meeting and choir practice and other branch functions. It is really helpful having her friends be Mormons. We couldn´t do it without them. I am very much looking forward to Oct 4th.
 It has been raining a lot this week. Getting soaked stinks. Literally. When it rains, the sewers become stinky. Not my favorite.

 Emma, we were contacting this week when suddenly we heard a large commotion above us. Just as I looked up I saw a cat dive off a second floor balcony in an attempt to avoid a chasing dog. The cat landed smack on the concrete. I am amazed it did not die instantly. It was incredible.
 Elder Brito leaves tomorrow! We have to travel to Tunja with him where he will travel to Bogotá with others that are dying. It will be Elder Ramírez, Elder Galleguillos, and I until Saturday. Having the threesome will be different, and I am excited for it. Should be cool. Elder Brito was a Zone Leader for 8 transfers, a District Leader for 5 transfers, and a trainer three times. Yes, those numbers are correct. I am bummed to see him go. On Sunday the branch actually prepared a surprise party for him during choir practice. We had more people show up to the party than we had at Sacrament Meeting. Haha. It was really nice and almost 50 people got up to the pulpit to publicly thank him. He also sang "Be Still My Soul." He is a great singer. I am definitely gonna miss him.

Every day we eat at a member’s house for lunch. Lunch is the main meal of the day by far. We actually never eat dinner. I don`t know why, but we never take time for dinner. It is whatever. Garrett said to become Colombian. If Colombians don`t eat dinner, I won`t either. However, whenever we are teaching at night, it is uncommon if someone does not give us a fruit drink and a roll. Pretty standard. Also, when coming home at night you can do a quick stop and buy something at a bakery to fill you up. So no dinner, but you rarely go to bed hungry. For breakfast we eat usually eat at bakery across the road. Mad cheap and really good.

 I am literally the only white person in Barbosa. In Bogotà you would see a Gringo here and there. Not in Barbosa. Also in Bogotà you would occasionally run into someone that could speak English. Not here. We do hold an English class every Saturday at 5. We had approximately 14 people this last Saturday, all of which were members. Elder Brito explained things in Spanish, and I just said the proper pronunciation of words. Fun and effective, or at least I think.

I love you all so much. The family and friends that I have are the best in the world. I was a fool for not having cherished them/you more. Families can be together forever. That knowledge brings me so much joy.

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