Sunday, November 16, 2014

Waterfalls and Well Worn Shoes

 This Preparation Day we went with a less active to this secret waterfall in the boniis of Barbosa. It was super cool. A lot of people were cliff jumping. I was jealous. We hiked to the place with their dogs and had a fun time taking photos and soaking in the nature. It was a really fun day, especially when our PDAY´s are usually pretty lame.

 Alberto is doing well. He is nine years old, but as typical for kids here, he acts a lot older than he is. It is because kids have to grow up fast or they will get caught under the treads. He is doing really well. Our lessons with him and his mom are always solid despite the super energetic younger brother. I love seeing them grow in faith, diligence, and family unity. We are not supposed to hug or pretty much touch kids because of legal reasons, but every time we teach he always gives my legs a bear hug to begin the lesson and another to conclude the lesson. It is nice.

 As you can tell from my photo, my shoes are dying. Especially the inside soles. I have begun to use my inside sole from my Adidas in my Johnson and Murphy’s. Not bad actually. I am amazed that Garrett went two years in Cambodia using primarily one pair of shoes.

We have been working a lot with the less active family of Moreno. We have successfully gotten them to church a few times; however, it is evident that they have many problems with the commandments. We helped them move to a new house this week. I hate to be rude, but their house was so gross. Something out of "Hoarders." It was not my favorite two hours, but they very much appreciated it. They definitely needed the help. As to service, we probably do service once every two weeks. We always extend the invitation, but people never take us up on it. I think it has something to do with the culture. Who knows?

 As to my language skills, they are improving. However, I feel as if I am in this awkward stage of not knowing Spanish or English. Speaking in English is very difficult. I find that I prefer to talk with others is Spanish. Even though my Spanish isn´t very good, I just feel more comfortable with it. I am afraid that in 20 months I will return home and will have forgotten English. Whatever.

Unfortunately, we were unable to meet with Valentina all week because she was super sick. However, I insisted that we stop by daily to make sure that she knows that we are thinking about her and concerned for her. We hope to make some serious progress with her this week.

On Wednesday we had to travel to Tunja for zone conference. Not gonna lie, I hate zone conferences because we waste three fourths of the day traveling for a two hour long meeting. Plus, the drive makes everyone so sick. It is on a super dangerous road through the mountains. On Wednesday we were in a bus that broke down twice. Not my favorite.

Then on Thursday we had to travel to Duitama for a trainers and trainees meeting. The meeting was fine. Nothing too special. It was cool to see some Latinos that were in the same CCM group as me and it was cool to see some Latinos with even less time than me. However, the trip pretty much took the entire day. It wasn't my favorite.

Not gonna lie, this week was pretty lackluster in most regards. We taught very little and we didn't have as much success as I would have liked. However, this week was just a low one. This upcoming week will be really good. This week should be really good. We are determined to have a lot better results this week than we did last week. I pray for you all daily.

"Tronqui" is the word used in Bogot√° Norte for missionaries that want to go home or that are looking forward to their departure. There is a little bit of tronquiness in our house, not on my end, but there is a lot of tronquiness in our zone, from what I have heard. We have a couple missionaries that are itching to get back to "normal life." I hope and pray and will do my very best never to be like that.

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