Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just another eventful week in Barbosa!

Alberto is great. No worries there. His mom is great too. Our lessons, although dumbed down for a nine year old, are helping her as well. Everyone, no matter how rich, poor, old, young, etc. can benefit from even the simplest of lessons. I really enjoy teaching them.

 We bought a mask and scared Elder Carriel for his birthday. Apparently Halloween is big here in Colombia. (See picture.)

I have arrived at the point where I do not brush the ants off my food anymore. There are just too many. The sensation is weird, ants crawling around in your mouth. Whatever though.

 We are also working with Fernando, the pig man. He is super smart and knows a lot about religion. He said that he is a black and a white kinda guy. I told him that the Book of Mormon is a black or a white kind of book. It is either false or true. We are meeting with him later on tonight.

This picture is of bocadillo - one of Tanner's favorite things to eat.

 Once when traveling to a meeting in another city, Tanner's transport broke down. Enjoy the picture of that adventure!
 So this week we had a great lesson with Valentina about faith and "works." It was so powerful and so solid. She was so happy to be talking with us again after our "siesta" from teaching her due to her illness the week before. She was so "in" the lesson. However, she didn't attend church. It was a real bummer. After such a great lesson and a determination to press forward in faith, she kind of dropped the ball. No worries though. I’m not giving up.
Another picture from when Tanner and his companion's transportation broke down in the countryside.

We are making progresses with others as well. Luis, the guy that almost had is hand chopped off because he could not pay his electricity bill, wants to be baptized. He just cannot attend church. This is a problem for many of our investigators. We are praying for a miracle.

 Also, we are working with a 17 year old girl that literally looks Emma’s age. She is super smart and is super interested. We contacted her via my English Class, which, by the way, was super good this week. I put a large black board out in the street that says "Free English Class with a Gringo." It draws a lot of attention.

 Also, on Saturday we were walking with Felipe, a recently reactivated boy our age. He accompanies us a lot and is pretty chill. He is 21 and although only being reactivated recently, we have been helping him with his mission papers. Anyway, we were walking when suddenly we get surrounded by army men. Felipe tries to run (not a good move) and is quickly caught. Military service in Colombia is required. You must serve. You can get out of it by either being physically or mentally incapable or by paying 3 million pesos, or 1500 dollars. Felipe is super poor so he can’t pay.
 He has been dodging the military for a while, and they eventually caught him. They took him to a different city to process him. He is in a weird stage of being under arrest, but not completely, at the same time. It is not good. He will probably be unable to serve a mission now. Also, apparently a pretty common thing to do here is to pay girls to get pregnant and say that the baby is of the person being called to serve in the military. This is a way out of serving, but it really tragic.

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