Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lot of Pig and a Brand New Area

Tanner and a pig skin - Just doing some service
We received word Monday morning that I was being transferred to Bucaramanga. I will be in the area called Diamante 2 with Elder Baez. He is from Argentina and has 17 months in the mission. This is his 4th transfer cycle here, so he will definitely leave after this transfer. We will have to see what happens.

 Bucaramanga is a large city. It is the capital of Santander. It is hotter, larger, and much more dangerous. Leggo. I am excited for that. There are 2 zones here in Bucaramanga with 20ish missionaries in each. My experience here will definitely be different than Barbosa. I can already feel the difference in heat. My booty is sweaty at 8 in the morning. It is gonna be great.
Fernando, Joanna, and Karol

Leaving Barbosa really stank. I love Barbosa so much. Barbosa is great. I am really gonna miss it and the people. This week in Barbosa was much better. We actually had a semi filled agenda and it was great to finally have some solid sit down lessons. Things were much better this week. Fernando and his wife Joanna made some significant progress. Fernando even came to church. He is by far my favorite person in Barbosa. We did some service for him this week, including cleaning his equipment for Lechonas. I included an awesome picture with a pig skin.

In the morning I insisted that we visit Fernando before I left for Tunja. It was bitter sweet to say goodbye to Fernando, Joanna, and little Karol. I love them so much and they definitely love me too. Joanna and Karol started to cry when I left. You know you are doing something right when people cry when you leave. That felt so great to know that people care for me as much as I care for them.

Monday I traveled to Tunja and then from Tunja to Bucaramanga. The trip from Tunja to Bucaramanga was 7.5 hours. Not that bad. Just a lot of sitting and sleeping.

I arrived in Bucaramanga late yesterday. We took a taxi to my new house. The new house only is a two person house, so that is gonna be different too. We will have to see what goes down. Currently we are in a threesome with Elder Doll from Oregon as he waits for his new companion. He is cool.

This city is gonna be different, but I am excited.

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