Sunday, December 28, 2014

First Week in Bucaramanga

So I have completed my first week in Bucaramanga. Do not try and pronounce it. I promise you that you are doing it wrong. I will help when I call.

 As to other investigators, there are a bunch. We have a fecha for 10th of Jan with a 22 year old girl name Paula. She too is progressing well and wants to finish the Book of Mormon before the New Year. She is great and I enjoy teaching her. She works for an old lady who is a member. References from members are the best.
 Bucaramanga is awesome. It is pretty much a landscape with giant craters. The main streets are on top of the craters and the poor people live in the craters. For some lessons we literally climbed down three sets of latters to get to the houses. It was awesome. Not very safe though.
Elder Baez and Elder Gibson
 I am in the Diamante Ward. It is a ward that is really cool. The chapel is amazing. The members are nice and really loving. I feel like they already love me, and I have only been here a bit. I look forward to serving them.
There is not hot water here. Cold showers are not my favorite, but I am growing accustomed to them. By the time I leave they will be the norm.

There are definitely a lot of drugs here. It always reeks of weed and people literally pack bowls in the street. Some guy even saluted me with his pipe the other day.

Tanner's bedroom
 I never told you Mom, but at BYU I would drink raw eggs every day. There is a juice here that has the exact same texture. I love it.

I ate a strawberry. It was difficult, but I did it.
LDS chapel in Barbosa

Also, I cannot forget to mention an investigator named John. John is currently on house arrest for very poor decisions - selling cocaine, robbing, and stabbing two people. His father is somehow connected to the church and Elder Baez has been working with him for a while.
 We were teaching him yesterday when he just opened up to us on an experience he had where he felt forgiveness for his sins while pleading through prayer. I cannot describe the spirit that was in the room. It was so strong and honestly I do not remember what Elder Baez and I said, but all I remember was feeling on cloud 9 when we left. We invited him to be baptized and he said yes. His court date is in Jan. He will either go to prison, or be cleared. In Colombia, if you go to prison, there is a legitimate chance you will not return. We are going to fast that he can be cleared and therefore be better able to come unto Christ. That lesson was amazing.

Also, my feet are taking a beating. They are infected with something and as you can see from the pictures. I have a huge blister. No worries though, I bought some spray.

As to my health, I am fine. The only thing that is bad is my feet.

 This week was actually pretty great. As you can see from the pictures, we had a baptism this Saturday. The boy´s name is Michael. His mom was a less active member who has become reactivated. Their family is super cool. I have only taught them twice, but I already love them. Mother and son are both doing their best to come back or start new with Christ. It was awesome to be a part of the baptism this week. I look forward to working with them even more.

Moving day!

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