Thursday, December 11, 2014

Waging War Against Ants and the Riding in Smallest Bus

Throw back to when Tanner was in the MTC in Bogota
I also have waged a war against the ants. Turns out that our emergency supply of food had been broken into. This supply of food is right above my dresser. I have literally killed thousands of ants this week. I piled up their bodies near their "hole" as a symbol of destruction. I took the idea from Lord of the Rings. It is cool.

Also, billiards is really big here. There is a billiards place every other street. The old men, literally every night, get hammered and play pool. We played pool one preparation day; it was fun.

Tanner think he looks like someone from LOST.
We hit another road block with Valentina. Her eye got infected. We had planned an awesome lesson with a bunch of members where they were going to teach. Nope. Didn`t happen. We just keep hitting road block after road block. It is frustrating, but we have the support of the Branch President. He is trying to help and with his help, it will eventually happen. Thank you for the prayers.

Luis also ditched us this week. We again had a super great lesson planned with an investigator. No show. Dangit. It is all good. People have their agency. He will improve in the future. I am confident.

Carolina is doing well. She is progressing and even attended seminary class after our lesson with her. One big problem, she is living with her boyfriend. She is only 17 and her family lives in Bogotà. I am afraid this will be a major road block. However, I hope for the best.

Traveling in the smallest bus
 We had a cool experience this week. We have been working a bit with a long time investigator, Juan Carlos. He is super unreliable. Anyway, it has gotten to the point where yesterday we were very frank and said that if you want us to help you change your life, you need to help us help you. He took this "ultimatum" very well and is determined to do better.

We also got ditched by Fernando. That was a bummer. However we have an appointment with him right after this. Fingers crossed. We are working with others as well. These are just the main ones at the moment.

Much to my chagrin, we had to travel to Duitama on Saturday for stake conference. It literally killed the entire day. We traveled to Duitama, had the conference, and then traveled to Tunja where we slept with the Tunja Central missionaries. It was fine. My back hurts a wee bit. Then on Sunday we had to attend another session of stake conference in Tunja. This killed that day too. However, the session was a direct satellite broadcast from SLC only to Colombia. Elder Holland spoke and others. It was cool. The stake conferences went well, but it killed two of our best days. Not my favorite.

We also traveled in the smallest bus so far. Every crack in the road my head would hit the ceiling. Dad wouldn’t have been able to fit. When we finally arrived back in Barbosa my forehead was literally covered in small goose eggs everywhere. Crazy.

Also, I may have mentioned this already, but we play UNO for food. The first person to lose three times has to pay for food. It is great to be fed with someone else’s money.

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