Thursday, December 11, 2014

Helping Out on a Farm and Getting a New Companion

That night we had the baptism of Alberto. It was supposed to start at 6 but because only Alberto´s family was there at 6 we waited until 6:30. The service was sweet until the actual baptism took place. For a reason totally unknown to me, Elder Ramirez refused to fill the font higher than knee height. Not to mention, the water was freezing. It took three tries to get Alberto under, and at the end he was saying "no more, no more." It was heartbreaking, funny, sad, and wonderful all at the same time. I wish they would let us to baptisms in the river. It would be so much easier. Overall, it was a crazy night but really great. I participated in the confirmation of Alberto, and there was a really sweet spirit. 

 Also, as you will see from the pictures, on Friday we had a "Fiesta de Sombreros." Pretty much you just make funny hats and have a party. It was fun to see the ward happy and in unity.

I also bore my testimony in Sacrament Meeting. I just shared how grateful I am for the commandments and the atonement.

Monday I was real sick. Vomiting, diarrhea, everything. Not the best feeling.
 I am actually currently writing this email from Tunja (don´t even try to pronounce it). Today is transfer day and I am getting a new companion. I am STAYING in Barbosa but am receiving a new companion. He is from Peru, I do not know his name yet, and he has only 2 more transfers than I do. Hopefully he is chill. I am staying the night here in Tunja because he will not arrive until late tonight. Cool.

Wish me the best of luck with my new comp. His name is something like Elder Quispe.

 Speaking of Elder Ramirez, he is headed to Bogota to the zone where you wear suits every day. For the last two weeks he has been preaching that he is leaving and that he is not going to have more time here. He was right, but it was super annoying especially when he began to slack at the end of the week. Whatever.

 On Saturday we had a cool day. In the morning we went to a member´s finca, or farm. We spent pretty much the entire day doing service. They own a bunch of land in the middle of nowhere with a house and farm. We raked for a really long time.It was a cool experience.

On Thursday we had the Zone Leaders come to interview Alberto for baptism. We had thought that one Zone Leader would go with Barbosa 1 and another with Barbosa 2, but when they arrived they informed us that Barbosa 1 was being split. Pretty much, I was with 1 Zone Leader for the day and Elder Ramirez was with the other. Elder Rejala and I had a really good day. He is a solid missionary that taught me a bunch in just 10 hours. It was a good day other than when I fell into a giant street river. That was gross. When it rains in Barbosa, it pours. I was a little bit wet when I got home.

On Tuesday we had intercambios (exchanges) with Barbosa 2, which pretty much means sleep in different beds and teach in different parts of Barbosa. Elder Galleguillos came to Barbosa 1 with me and we had a killer day. I don´t want to brag, but my planning was exceptional.

Literally the hardest thing for people here is coming to church. Also, our appointments get dropped so often. People are just so laid back that they just say, "Oh another day." It is a bit frustrating.

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