Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Becoming a Missionary "Father"

Intercambios with Elder zuniga de Chile
Everyone uses the same two cups to drink out of the water fountain. I love it.
It turns out that I will be a father. For those who do not understand, a “father” or trainer is a missionary that trains a new missionary for typically three months. I will be training in Agauzul. Elder Villarroel, my old companion, left for Suba, a zone in Bogotá. I do not know who is my “kid” yet as we will be meeting them later this afternoon. Unfortunately we will have to drive back to Agauzul tonight throughout the night. Should be fun. 

 Yesterday, Monday, we had to leave from Aguazul at 11 AM and we arrived in Bogotá at 8 PM. The ride was absolutely stunning. Just twists and turns through the mountains. It was really beautiful. Right now I am with Elder Carriel, the same missionary that was in the same house in Barbosa. He is also receiving a kid.

We got soaked.
 I am excited to be a father. I will do my best to help this new missionary become a solid, dependable, and spiritual missionary. There is grand work to be done in Aguazul.
The bird

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