Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Iguanas and Stomach Wounds

Tanner with a recently deceased iguana
This week was really great. We had a lot of teaching opportunities. It was good.

We are teaching Diego still, obviously. He is really a fun man to teach and is really just interesting. He has definitely come a long way from what he was. He is doing well, reading the Book of Mormon, praying and attending church. We are still waiting on his surgery. His belly is just gross. He always has a bandage, but the fluids leak through and it smells. He is funny about it. Don´t worry, I am not gonna get sick from him. (Note: His family was more concerned about Tanner bringing an infection to Fernando.)

 We are also teaching a family called the family Pardo as well. I pretty sure I spelt that wrong, but whatever. They are an unmarried couple with 4 kids, of which only one kid is from the "dad" and "mom." They are nice. The dad pretty much acts like a drunk all the time even though he rarely drinks. I just think it is his personality. He is kinda strange. They are cool but sometimes frustrating to teach. I sometimes wish people would just focus and listen. Anyways, their kids are really cute. Andres, 8 years old, rode his bike to church by himself, a 20 minute trip, then slept all during sacrament meeting. His neck looked like it was about to snap by the way he was sleeping. I love it when kids are more "juicioso" then their parents. They are fun.

We are also teaching Liliana. She is a middle age women that pretty much is great when it comes to listening and understanding. Her problem is coming to church. She already wants to be baptized, in a river is what she told us, but she is lacking church attendance. She thought that she had to pay to be baptized. We cleared that up fast. Haha. She is great, we just need to fortify her faith and strengthen her church attendance.

 Also, Aguazul´s first ever missionary leaves for Argentina this week. They had a "going away party" and we invited an investigator. There was time for everyone to get up and pay tributes, and then our investigator gets up and gives a short almost preacher like speech. It was crazy. Then one of our other investigators started slow clapping, then everyone started slow clapping, then everyone applauded. It was so funny. The best part is that she ended and walked over to Nixoon, the boy leaving, gave him a hug, then came over to us, and gave us the typical Colombian face/cheek kiss. Obviously, as missionaries, we do not do face kisses, but she came over and just did it. It was so funny and awkward at the same time because the fifty people there all know that missionaries don´t do that. Everyone just started to die laughing. It was funny. I probably didn´t explain that story very well, but you get the main point.

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