Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Baptisms, Mammograms, and Shaved Legs

 So, the baptism of Fernando went well. He passed the interview and everything. Other than starting late, which is common in Colombia, the service went well. We had a good amount of ward members there too. The Spirit was there, and the service was sweet. I performed the baptism as he asked me too. It was nice.

The confirmation also went well. The wife bore her testimony afterwards. It was good for the first five minutes, but then it just went off the cliff. She just went on forever on a story and other things. 20 minutes later she finished as the Bishop whispered in her ear. It was a great confirmation nevertheless.

 Also, I received a really low blow when Felipe accidentally erased all of my photos from my camera. All of them. I have all of them backed up until my time with Elder Correa. That is the good news. But, all the photos that I didn`t send to you over these last 12 weeks are most likely gone. One of the members knows a way to recover the deleted photos, but we will have to see. I think it is improbable. It was a bummer and I was just like, you gotta be kidding me. There are more important things than photos though. All good.

Sandra and Juan are well. We had a really great Family Home Evening with them with the Acuña family. They accepted a fecha and things were good. The problem is that they live with the dad and mom and the dad is an alcoholic. Things are in a bad situation. He goes nuts and tries to hurt her, etc. It is sad. But we are trying to help. We will keep it up.

Carolina is well. She got big, fast. She is pregnant, but the baby belly just showed up out of nowhere. Baby Tanner must have kicked into growing mode. She is good, but still really struggling.

Mom, what is a mammogram??? Is that something for pregnancies? Are you pregnant? That would be weird, and cool. Lemme know.

Shaved one leg for fun
 This week was pretty standard. We had a special meeting with President Andelin with only the District Leaders. It was good. He leaves pretty soon. Only one more transfer for him. Crazy. I also did interviews this week. I enjoy them. They really are not that hard, or maybe I have yet to have a hard one. We will see.

The next time I write, I have no idea where I will be. Something will definitely change, we will have to wait and see. If I don`t write Monday, it is because I am traveling or we just had a crazy day. Don`t go nuts.

The week was pretty normal with teaching and such. We have a new challenge to find a much larger number of new investigators. Zona Bucaramanga is by far the zone with the most success right now. The zone had 7 baptisms this weekend. The zone is in really good shape. The district is well too. All good. The sisters have a baptism this upcoming week which is really good.

One sister had to have her appendix taken out. We went to their house with Elders Brown and Gonzalez and gave a blessing. The sisters’ houses are MUCH nicer that our houses. It is totally different. They also receive much more money. Sisters....

All is good though. No good stories. Some guy told us that he murdered 4 people. We left that lesson very fast.

I know that what we do is right. I like the quote. We are not obedient because we are blind; we are obedient because we can see. I like that so much. I love you all very much. I am doing this work for many reasons, one of which is you all. I wouldn't trade you all for anyone, anything. You are my family.

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