Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tanner is Getting Transferred. Saying Goodbye to Bucaramanga.

 So things are pretty nuts right now. I’ll explain. So the week was good overall in Diamante. It was sad to leave. I love Diamante and Bucaramanga so much. The people there are so great. Really great people. I hope that I left the ward and the investigators in better shape than I found it. It was a bummer to say goodbye. A few people cried again. That makes ya feel good. There is a lot of love in Bucaramanga.

So we received the call for transfers Sunday night. I left Diamante II in Bucaramanga for Aguazul in Yopal. There are pretty much two zones in the mission where nobody wants to go. Barrancabermeja and Yopal. So I am headed to one of them. I had to take a bus from Bucaramanga to Bogotà which was roughly 11 hours. It was not very smooth. I arrived here last night and spent the night with the ZL’s here in the zone Salitre. I will leave for Yopal later on this day as I will be traveling as the group leader for a new missionary and his trainer. I will be the DL in Yopal. Yopal has 6 elders and Aguazul has 2. Yopal is more or less a city and then Aguazul is a small "town" outside of Yopal. I will be in Aguazul. It is about 10 hours to Yopal from Bogotà. 

Yopal is the most isolated area in the mission. It has a bad rep for really hard living conditions. Like no water for weeks. It is about to get real nasty. It is also much hotter than Bucaramanga, and I thought Bucaramanga was hot. From what I have heard, Yopal is not dangerous. We will wait and see. I am imagining that it is somewhat like Barbosa. It has a branch meeting in a casa-chapilla, or house chapel. I will see what I can do there. Should be fun. Fire Up. 

Don`t have much time to write. Transfers are always nuts. I am here with the Zone Leader as they have to send in reports to the mission home. I gotta run. 

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