Tuesday, May 19, 2015

General Conference Viewing and Tanner's Improving Jumping Skills

My Zone Leader and I
 So this week was a good one. Unfortunately my companion picked up a cold, and then gave it to me. He got better fast, but I have had a cold all week. It isn’t debilitating, just a pain. No worries though.

This week was good with teaching. Juan Carlos should be baptized this Saturday without trouble. Knock on wood. He is good and is very prepared. Carolina`s fecha will definitely fall though. We are being patient, but it is just so slow. No worries there. We just need to press forward.

We didn`t have any crazy teaching experiences this week. Just the normal. We got cut a bit short with two prime days totally gone, but it was still good.

 We are making progress with a woman named and her 8 year old son. They were almost baptized almost 5 years ago but things happened. I think that this time they are more prepared. They just need a lot of love from the ward. We will see.

General Conference was really good. We were able to watch all five sessions in English. That was nice. It was excellent. President Boyd K Packer`s talk was just what I was thinking. It was one of my favorites.

Elder Holland was a favorite of mine, as usual. I don`t have my notes with me right now, but I got notes on all of them. Too bad the Elder from Africa was almost impossible to understand.

My hops are improving

All of the North American elders got together in our chapel and watched it in a small upstairs room. It was real good.

Mom is right, Easter is big here. It is called the Semana Santa, or Holy Week. Pretty much every one has off on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Some days it was just dead in the streets. It was cool though. The Catholics have interesting traditions.

Nothing really else happened this week. Sorry the letter is so lame. I really do love you all. I am excited to live with all of you forever. There is no knowledge closer to my heart.

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