Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Encountering a Gigantic Moth and an Exchange Marathon

 Things are good here. This week was a long and hard one. Not exactly sure why. We had a lot of good lessons and took out some more fechas, but it was just long. I think the main reason why I was so tired was because I had two "intercambios" this week, or two interchanges. Both times I was outside my area. On Tuesday I went with Elder Castillo, one of my zone leaders to Cañaveral. Then on Thursday I went with Elder Porras to Bucarica. Both times I had to be on my A game, AND have to worry about what Elder Correa is doing in Diamante.

I don`t really know why, but the two days outside of the area just took a toll on me. It was fine though. Elder Porras, one of the Elders in my district, is doing good work with his junior companion. Sometimes there are problems between the two of them, but it is fine. One of the problems with Elders fresh out of the mission training center is that the new Elder doesn`t respect the senior companion. I will have to have some discussions in week five when I have the other intercambio with Elder Aguilar, the new elder. Overall I am just glad that I do not have to do intercambios with the sisters. The sisters are fine. Sisters do different work than the Elders. They just work in a different style. I can`t explain it, but it is just different. They have some areas where they need to improve, but then again so do I. Things are good in the district though.

 Our investigators are doing well. I am not sure if Carolina will be able to make her 11of April baptismal date. She is just still not very prepared. It is a tad bit frustrating, but we are doing fine with her. I just think she needs more time.

We also took out a new fecha for 18 of April with a man named Juan Carlos. He recently moved into the ward and was also recently married. He has been waiting for an answer to his prayers for a long time and now with us he feels like he has received his answer. The wife cried a ton during the lesson. It was nice. We will just need to foster him and get him ready for his fecha. I think that he will be a really good member.

 We are also on the verge of taking out some more fechas with 4 other people. Unfortunately, I will probably leave Diamante and not be able to see the fruits of our labor, but it will be good getting them ready. Some Elders plant, others cultivate, others harvest. All that is important is helping people make decisions to improve their lives and relationship with Christ. But then again, we will have to see what happens with transfers. They are three weeks away.

 We are working with an inactive family this transfer called the Velasquez family. They are really good people. The family literally loves us. They are really good with attending. We just need to finish the lessons. Should be good.

I do not have many good stories this week. We saw some baby kittens in a plastic bag waiting for the dump truck. That was sad.
One thing that I really like this week is that there is a great difference between sin and weakness. Often times we think that they are the same. In order to clear up sin, we need to use Christ`s atonement. In order to overcome weakness, we need to be humble and use Christ`s grace. In the Liahona it talks about this. Someone mentioned how as a missionary they lived the most righteous and the gospel to their best level during their time, but at the same time they also felt the most self-criticism and the most unworthiness. Sometimes I feel the same. Using both the atonement and the grace of Christ can help us to overcome our sins and our weaknesses.

Read Mathew 4, especially 18-20. For me, everyone is carrying their own net filled with fish, but our "fishes" are sins, weaknesses, traditions, regrets, etc. If we really want to follow Christ in the right way, we can`t bring these things. We can`t waste time. He requires that we leave it all behind and leave immediately. That is how we really need to follow Christ. We need to start immediately and never look back. As the scriptures say, "Remember Lot`s wife." These two scriptures are really good ones. I wish I had more time to write more eloquently.

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