Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tanner's Favorite Lesson to Teach

Elder Brown and I
So where to begin. Carolina is doing fine. She is receptive to everything that we teach and does her best. Chelsey, she has literally almost nothing, so a DVD or cassette player is out of the question. Thanks though. She is doing fine. The ward does not have a ton of confidence in her though. She has been an investigator for a long time. We will have to change that.

My companion loves cats.
 A new couple moved into our ward this week that was recently married. The husband wants to be baptized very soon so we will have to see where that goes.

My face is so red.

Being a District Leader has been fine. This week will be jammed packed with "intercambios" as I will be with the Zone Leader´s tomorrow, then the Elders in my district on Thursday. We also have a multi zone conference this Friday. Word on the street is that we are gonna watch Meet the Mormons. We will have to see. Also, I will have to do my first baptismal interview this week. I am excited. We will have to see.
 I ate ants this week. Big ones. They come out at this time of the year and cover the streets. You get them, fry them, and eat them. Actually quite good. I have a really good video of them. Too bad I can´t send videos.
Someone this week asked me what lesson is my favorite to teach. Without a doubt, the Law of Chastity. I am not kidding or trying to be funny. It just is. This commandment comes off as awkward to so many people, but in reality it is so beautiful. It is such an integral part of the Plan of Salvation. To think that I can literally live with my family and my own posterity forever brings me so much joy. Families can be together forever. Chastity is so important, beautiful, and rewarding in this life.

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