Saturday, March 21, 2015

An Earthquake and a P-day Hike

This week was pretty good. Being a District Leader is chill I guess. My district is good. Pretty much the entire zone is young. It is crazy. As a district leader I am in charge of 5 other missionaries. They report to me their daily activities and weekly numbers. I conduct weekly "district meetings" to help train and teach the elders and sisters in my district. It is a lot of calls. My district is good though. There have only been a few problems so far as my district is young and isn`t super sure on a few things. It is all good. I will keep you updated. I think the district likes me. I hope so. haha

Pday Hike
 This week was pretty good in terms of investigators. We scheduled a new baptismal date for a woman named Carolina. She is the wife of a less active who we have been working with for a while. Their family is by far the poorest I have met here in Colombia and it is truly humbling teaching in their "house." She cannot read, so her progression has been really, really slow; however, she is doing well. She asked me to do the baptism on April 11th, which was cool.  

 She then proceeded to tell me that she has named her unborn baby Tanner. I have no idea how she found out me name, my guess is that Elder Correa told her, but all in all I have a 5 month old unborn baby named after me. It was kind of strange at first and I didn`t exactly believe her. We will have to see how she progresses. Overall, this week I had a baby named after me...

Tanner and Elder Brown

We also got hit by an earthquake this week on Tuesday. It was a 6.6 and was felt all over Colombia, Venezuela and Panama. It was the strongest though here in Santander. It lasted, I think, about 30 seconds. I have never felt something like that. The ground literally shook, rolled, and moved. It was crazy. I think only a few people died in total, but there was a bit of damage too.
 Honestly, if it had lasted any longer or was any more powerful, I think that our mission would be converted into a service mission, not a proselyting mission. Bucaramanga would have been destroyed. We were all ok, but wow did the earth move. I have heard that out of the 5 missions here in Colombia, 3 were allowed to call home. Bogotà Norte was not one of the three. All is good.

Tanner's District

This week was good and pretty normal. Today for Preparation Day we took a 3 hour hike, literally, into the mountains to see waterfalls. It was a really cool view and we were high in the mountains. The waterfalls were so so, but the views were so great. The camera just can`t capture it all. One day we gotta return here. With the wife too.

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