Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tithing and the Joy of Teaching

The sign says repentance
 Things are well here in Bucaramanga. My feet are well. I am not sick. Things are going well with investigators. Things are pretty good.

Felipe continues to progress well. His baptismal date is this Saturday at 5. It should be a good experience. His is doing really well and is progressing well. His parents continue to support him despite their non-interest in the church. He has asked when he can serve a mission, when can he receive the priesthood, etc. Things are good with him.

Eugenia was called to be in charge of the Liahona (church magazine) distribution. I might have mentioned this before, but Eugenia´s mom has terminal stomach cancer. She is in very bad shape. She is not the biggest fan of us, unfortunately, but she did ask for a blessing.  It was a nice experience. She is so yellow though. Her entire skin, eyes, everything is really yellow. I hope things improve for her.

 By the way, Paula, the recent convert, was called to be the second counselor of the young women’s organization. She was excited. She is very good.

 When we were teaching Felipe about tithing, going into it I was a bit nervous about how the mom would react as she always listens in. We had planned to cover something in lesson 5 if she was there or tithing if she wasn`t. She was there, but I felt that we should just teach tithing anyways. Turns out that it was a hit. She went off about how tithing is super important, a blessing, a commandment, how he should start paying it now, and how it has blessed her life. It was a "what is happening moment." It was cool and she definitely helped with the lesson. Cool thing that I followed the spirit.

My feet. They honestly aren't that bad.
 We had the Elder Godoy from the quorum of the Seventy visit the mission this week. He was in Cucuta Wed, Bucaramanga Thursday, and Bogot√† Friday. All the missionaries attended. Some had to travel more than 10 hours to attend. It was really good though. The conference was well planned and really well done. We learned a lot in a good fun atmosphere. It was a good time. Cut out almost the entire day of teaching, but it was worth it.

Much to my chagrin, we have been waking up at 6:00, thirty minutes early, to go to the apartment complex in which Elder Brown and Elder Gonzales live so that Elder Correa can work out his bis and tris. It is not my favorite. I am totally fine with exercise, but when it cuts into my sleep time, it is not my favorite. Especially when he is only working out his arms. Cummon man! I do it to make him happy. It is all good.
 Things are also going well with Sandra and David. They did not attend church because baby Danny, my nickname, is sick. She too asked for a blessing.  It was a cool experience.  

We had a lot of investigators attend sacrament meeting. It was cool.

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