Saturday, March 21, 2015

The cutest picture Tanner believes he has even taken

Zone Conference - Elder Brown is on Tanner's shoulders. You can see his head.

Today we had transfers. We ended the 6 week cycle yesterday. Elder Correa and I are together for another transfer here in Diamante II. However, the districts got switched. I am now the District Leader for Dimante II, Bucarica II, and the sisters in Piedecuesta. It will be a good experience to serve. I hope that my district can really do some good here in Bucaramanga. We just need to continue working hard.

Zone Conference
This transfer 30 missionaries left to go home and only 21 came in. There have been a lot of crazy transfers. There are missionaries that literally finished their own training yesterday and are beginning training tomorrow. I will have a new Elder and a new Sister in my District. I will do my best to treat them really well. There are another 35 Elders leaving in the next 6 weeks. Our mission is very, very young. It is good though.

This week, or transfer in general, was really good for teaching. Overall, in the transfer, we taught 154 lessons. That is pretty high. I am not bragging, it is just that we were blessed to have the opportunity to teach a lot. Honestly I love teaching. The other parts of finding people are not my favorite, but once we are in the lesson I can just do my thing. It is so fun and so enjoyable.

Zone Conference 
Tanner is convinced that this is probably the cutest picture he has even taken.
Felipe is really good. He received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday and arrived earlier to church than we did. He is so much different than his family. He is good.

Paula, the recent convert, is also really good. She will be a life time convert.

 Eugenia is struggling. Her mom passed away Tuesday. We did all that we could to help her out, but in situations like this, sometimes the best thing you can do is pray. She is good though. Just in a really hard time.

As to other progressing investigators, there is not much to mention. We have many investigators, but few are really putting in an effort. We will change that.


Chelsey asked about the teenager that was on house arrest. He was released, and instantly went back to his old ways. It was a real shame. We were actually walking in the street one day and we ran into him. He is always really nice to us. We then ran into him 2 hours later and he had just been in a knife fight. He had a stab wound in his butt cheek. He definitely needed to go to a doctor, but obviously he didn`t. He will be fine though. It isn`t his first stab wound. I love him, but he just makes such idiotic decisions.

We helped reactivate a less active member called Juan Carlos this transfer. He is really chill and wants to serve a mission. He too is really good. He attends church every week, pays tithing, and does everything he should. Really great guy.

Teaching is so great. I just want people to clearly understand the wonderful message that we have.

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