Saturday, March 21, 2015

Felipe's Baptism!

The baptism and confirmation of Felipe both went really well. As you can see from the pictures, he asked me to perform the ordinance. It all went really smooth. The service was small but sweet. There were not problems and the spirit just felt right. He was very prepared for the moment, and I was glad that I had the opportunity to find him, teach him, and baptize him. It was really great. He will one day be an excellent missionary.

Tanner's breakfast after he get's a package from home
 Elder Correa performed the confirmation. That too went really well. I love fast and testimony meetings. I bore my testimony of ordinances and convents. I said how many people always tell us that churches don`t save people. That is true, the church doesn`t save, the bishop doesn`t save, the buildings don`t save, etc. However, the ordinances with the proper authority of God DO save. You can ask members, how do we obtain salivation? They will typically say obey the commandments, read, pray, attend church, primary answers.... The real way is, yes, those things, but the covenants that we make with our God are oh so very important. I love helping people realize that.

 Other than that the week was pretty normal for teaching, finding, and working. We currently do not have any other "fechas" or baptismal dates, but I am sure that that will change very soon. People are prepared, we just need to find and teach them.

I had an "intercambio" with Elder Quezada this week. It was good. He worked with me here in Diamante II. It went well and we did good work that day.  He is cool and plus, he served in Barbosa as well. It was nice to reminisce about the things that we both saw and did there. We continue to do the work here to the best of our abilities. We just need to find some more new investigators and get the ball rolling with others.

 Elder Thurston, my Zone Leader, goes home this week. He is really great, and I have really enjoyed being in the same district and zone as him. It will be a bummer to see him leave, but it will be all good. It is crazy to think that we are in week 6 of the transfer. What?

Thanks for everything family and friends. I pray for you all often.

I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. God did not choose a perfect man. He chose a boy with grand potential. I know that despite his flaws, his mistakes, and his wrongs, without him we wouldn`t have what we have today. God choose Joseph Smith to do his work.

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