Monday, August 3, 2015

Tanner Bids Farewell to a Dear Friend and His First Mission President

 This week we had to travel to Bogotá. On Monday night we left and traveled through the night. On Tuesday we had a multi-zone conference. President Andelin literally left today to go home. The conference was his last "shabang." It was cool. He was and is a good president. I am sure the new President, Laney, will likewise be excellent. I am looking forward to meeting him. We will have the opportunity to meet him week 6. That means another trip to Bogota. Then we will have a zone conference in week 1. Another trip. Then we will have another trip for “father and son” meetings. I can´t wait......We also had intercambios this week. I was in Yopal with Elder Zuniga de Chile and Elder Pinoargote was in Agauzul with Elder Palma from Mexico.

We got back to Agauzul Wednesday but felt horrible. It was wonderful. We had a good week teaching and such. We are getting some decent progress with Juan and Diana. They are the ones that look a ton like Mark Warlberg. They are super cool, already married, and love us.

We are making progress with them. Their two year old has some sort of conditions with her lungs. She is really so cute. She was super timid when we first started visiting, but now she wants tea parties. It is fun.

The picture is of me and President Gomez, the First Counselor in the Colombia Bogota North Mission. He loves me and I him.  On Saturday, we had a good bye party for President Gomez. He is super chill. We pretty much had a BBQ and ate a ton of meat. It was great. He will be missed very much. We are great friends.

Also, I felt one day that we should go and talk with the husband/boyfriend of Paola, when she wasn´t there. He has always been really rough with us, but this time I was able to get him where he couldn´t leave. It was a really good talk between him and us. He voiced concerns, and then we answered. It was good. He said that if he was not working this upcoming Sunday, he would come to church. That was so cool to hear. So this Sunday will be a great one, hopefully!

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