Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bienvenida a Cañaveral!

 This week passed by so fast. Things are crazy and there is a bunch of small and big extra things that we have to do as Zone Leaders. Planning out the calendar is weird. There are literally hardly any days without something special happening. We have a lot of time taken out of our own working area. Lots of exchanges, meetings, trips to Bogotà, inspections, trainings, etc. Fun stuff.

I do not have too much information on the investigators in this area. We did have a baptism this week though. His name is Diego Fernando. He is a man of 40 years who is trying to become a better person. He has truly seen the effects of the Atonement in his life. The baptismal service was sweet and simple. The confirmation went well. All is good with him. He still needs help with a lot of things, but that is what we are here for.

A little about the area. The area is called Cañaveral. There is only our companionship in this ward. We share a building with the Bucarica ward. The chapel is pretty small, so on Sundays it is a bit crowded. Nonetheless, the ward seems cool and the members seem good. Part of our area is very wealthy, the wealthiest part of Bucaramanga, but we usually do not work in that area because we do not have people to teach there. The area is generally just normal people on the poorer side. There are some dangerous parts of the area, but we stay safe.

 We have three people who want to be baptized for the 19th of September. They are a family, mom and two kids, who are good prepared for the Lord. We met with them today and they are excited. I had the opportunity to bear my testimony to them and it was a good lesson. We just need to focus more on the son. He has a lot of problems he needs to work on.

One thing that I have been meaning to write is that here in Colombia the youth are really lost. It is rough to say the least for the youth here. There are so many fatherless families and pregnant girls of 14 to 16 years old. It is sad. It is even worse in Aguazul. The attraction of drugs, girls, money, etc. is just so strong.

The zone is good. There are some really strong companionships and there are some companionships that have a lot of room for improvement. The good thing is that the somewhat lacking missionaries are ending their missions soon so they won`t hurt the work for that much longer. I like the zone and I hope they like me. But whatever.

Dad and Mom, congratulations with 32 years. That is a bunch of years. We are lucky as your children to have firm parents.

Update on the apartment. Our apartment is the only apartment with hot water. That said, you have to jimmy rig the heater with fire and then you barely get a minute of semi warm water. Honestly I have given up trying. I am used to the cold water by now after not having a hot shower for almost 10 months so it isn’t bad anymore. I shower fast too. That will be good for dad. Also, the apartment is real old despite being real big. It is old, ugly, and unclean. Everything is broken. My toilet doesn’t work. So I have to flush stuff with a bucket of water. Not the biggest deal in the world, just annoying. I usually just flush it once a day at night. I also spent a bunch of time this week trying to get some things organized. The amount of junk, old books, pamphlets, cards, etc. was amazing. We literally, LITERALLY, have roughly 5000 pamphlets of the lessons. It is absurd. I threw out so much stuff today. Young Women’s manuals from the 1970s, damaged books, etc. So much junk. The house literally has not been thoroughly cleaned in years. I will do my part. But the house is good though. I like it. A lot of space for activities. Just a lot of crap and disorder.

Last thing. The last week in Aguazul I was able to bless the son of Paola, another time. Literally the same thing happened. The spirit was strong and when we left, the fever left with us. It was sacred.

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