Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tanner's Tact

Unfortunately we did not have the baptism of Tatiana and Xiomara. Everything went well in the preparation and such. Everything was good to go until Xiomara had to travel to a city called Pamplona for something with work. Long story short, she still isn’t back yet. It was a bit stressful and frustrating, but things happen. The worst thing is that this week is General Conference, so usually there are not any baptisms scheduled. We are gonna try and get approval and such to do it, but it is gonna be sticky. They are good though.

This week I had the opportunity to interview a baptismal candidate which required much care. I thought that I nailed it and did an excellent job handling the situation despite the circumstances. It turned out really well and she got baptized the next day. I was just real glad to have been led by the spirit to know how the handle the situation with care and much love.

This week was really tiring as we had to handle emergency transfers, interchanges, etc. I was super tired. It is all good though. I was glad to hit the sack every night. However, the time just goes by so fast.

This week we also spent a lot of time contacting. Hopefully our efforts will bring fruits. 

I am sorry that my letter is real short. Things are crazy here. Time goes by so fast.

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