Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tanner Considers Moving to Bucaramanga Post Mission Life - and Other Adventures

 This week got off to a crazy start. As I told you, Elder Gonzales left for Suba Bogota. Due to difficulties in travel, my companion did not arrive until Wednesday at 2 AM. I hate not getting my sleep.....

I spent Tuesday with Elder Mamanchurra and Elder Mendenhall in Diamante II. It was a good day.

Wednesday things went back to normal. Elder Laura is from Peru. He is a cool Elder. I like him. Right now he just needs to improve on his authority. That sounds weird, but we just can´t get pushed around by other Elders. He is good though and like me and is willing to do the work in the good ways. No problems with him.

Xiomara and Tatiana were not baptized last week. They should be baptized this week on Friday. We are still trying to sort out some details, but they are good. A ton a stupid little things are happening in their lives right now. Pray that all will go well and that we will not have any substantial problems. They are really good people that need what we already have.

Andrea and Sandra continue to progress. They are good to go with baptism and such, just the papers aka divorce and marriage are getting in the way. We are trying to get them to do them as fast as possible, but you cannot drag people. We have had some great lessons with some great hidden messages to get them going. They just need to do it. Really great though and they make really good food.

We had a cool opportunity this week. A sister from Diamante, a sister that I knew very well, passed away from cancer this week. I had the opportunity to attend part of the funeral. The good part of all of this is that the stake patriarch contacted one of the people that works for the funeral service company. We had a really good lesson with him and he seems really interested. I really hope to be able to help with Alvaro´s spiritual progress.

Today we did nothing for preparation day. I have honestly been so tired these last few days. All we did was buy pizza, drink pop, and sleep. It was amazing. Then I went wild on my bathroom. It was getting pretty gross. It is clean now though.

I would easily be able to live here in Bucaramanga one day with my future family. It is sick here.

Tomorrow we will interchanges with the assistants and then Wednesday we will have interviews with President Laney. Should be cool.

What I am doing is truly the work of the Lord. It really is difficult. Anyone that thinks that it isn´t has not served a mission. One thing that I know is that the Lord knows his sheep, especially his missionaries. I like to think that we always are working in a threesome. Always remember that you cannot please everyone in the world, so please the people that count. Love you all very much. Always choose the right. Choose the right to get the blessings and choose the right to avoid negative consequences. That is what I try to do.

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