Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tanner Goes to the Temple and Meets the Gonzalez Family

The Gonzalez family continues to progress. We were unable to have many lessons with them this week because they have a tight schedule, but all went well at church this Sunday. The mother got up in testimony meeting and expressed her feelings about the church. It was cool. She said how she felt comfortable and good in the church and how the Elders are great. It was cool to see her do that. Her name is Xiomara, then the son Carlos, and then the daughter Tatiana. The dad is a strict Pentecostal, but is cool and ok that they are preparing to be baptized. The son, Carlos, has the most struggles of all. He is pretty much an ex-stoner. However, his mom desperately wants him to make positive changes in his life, etc. We will see how they continue to progress.

 Diego Fernando is good. I guess that my comp and his previous comp didn`t explain the Law of Chastity real well with him because he moved back in with his girlfriend. They are planning on getting married, but you know how it is. He is good though and happy.

This week several people accepted our invitation to learn about Jesus Christ and his gospel.  I hope they all progress.

We are seeing some cool progress with a couple called Arelis and Brayan. They are cool and have two kids together that are real cute. One is 1 and the other is 2. The kids are challenging, but cool none the less. They need to get married before they can get baptized, but we have hope.

Every month in Bogota Norte the zone leaders and AP and president get together for a big meeting called Consilio. Anyways, Wednesday afternoon we flew, yes in an airplane, to Bogota. The trip is less than 40 minutes. We arrived in the nighttime and ate pizza with other Elders. Then on Thursday the big meeting began. A lot of training, rules, etc. that we receive and then we are to later train our zone. It was cool and some good things were taught. However, then we had to travel back to Bucaramanga with all the materials, books, packages, that our zone needed. We obviously traveled back in bus. It was lovely...... 10 hours. Didn`t help that I was very sick to my stomach... Cool experience and there will definitely be more concilios.

Yesterday, Sunday, for some reason we went off on blessings. It seemed like everyone was calling us. We blessed a bunch of people. We even went to the hospital and blessed a guy that was losing circulation in his foot, so the foot literally is falling apart. It was not pretty.

Elder Gonzales is good. I like him and we get along well. He is chill, teaches well, works sufficiently hard, etc. No problems so far.

While in Bogotà, I had the chance to go to the temple. It has been over a year since the last time I entered. It was real good.

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