Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Iguanas and New Years in Bucaramanga

So, things are well here in Bucaramanga. Things are progressing. Eugenia is excited for her baptismal date of the 10th. She is well prepared and has all that she needs to progress. Her testimony is there and is growing. She has been experiencing negative support from her family, but she recognizes that her commitment to God is important. I am looking forward to this Saturday at 5 PM.

Paula is also well. She has been in Bogotá for the majority of the week visiting family, but she is ready as well. Her testimony of the Book of Mormon is really strong. The desire is there. Everything is there. Paula is truly a golden investigator. She has been prepared to hear our word. It is so great to have a small hand in the work of the Lord.

Our less active members are making progress. On Sunday literally the entire Restrepo family showed up, members and relatives. It was nuts. They filled three whole pews. Some of them we had never seen before. Just great new opportunities. The ward here in Diamante is great. They are trying to fulfill their callings and build up Zion here in Burcaramanga. In Barbosa, during my 4.5 months there, we received 1 reference that turned out to be nothing. Here in Burcaramanga we are constantly having members come up to us and say that they want us to visit their friends, relatives, etc. It makes the work so much more effective. I really love the ward here, despite having to give a talk this upcoming week. No worries though.

As you can see in the pictures, I saw an Iguana. It was cool. In the pits the Iguanas will enter into people´s houses and eat their food. I also saw a snake this week. The snake was being beaten to death by a bunch of kids with rocks. The snake lost. Also, there is a picture of a dog without ears. Someone cut off the dog´s ears. Not sure why, but they did. That same dog "nipped" my arm and actually drew blood. Nothing severe though. The cut is very small. No worries.

New Year´s here was pretty crazy. People are literally 3 beers deep at 9 in the morning on a regular day, but on New Year’s it was even worse. The entire city was drunk. We actually went over to our Zone Leader´s house and "celebrated" there. We pretty much played Monopoly and ate burgers. Our burgers were meat and bun, literally. Not the best thing I have tasted here to say the least. We then slept in their house. Their apartment is giant, but super old and grungy. So that was a cool way to spend New Year’s.

Also, people here in Colombia give their babies water with cinnamon mixed it. They say it helps with digestion and gas. Cool I guess.

The week was overall good with lessons. We had good numbers. One of the companionships in our district is really struggling. They had 2 lessons in total last week. 2. Their problems stem from a specific elder. It is a real shame because one bad elder can mess up the work for months to come.

Elder Baez and I are doing well. He does the work but also knows how to have fun while doing it. He is fun to be around and knows how to bring people to Christ. He is a great missionary and a great person to be around.

Also, people here eat so much hot dog. When I tell people I live near New York they always ask me if I eat a lot of Hot Dog. They are ok. The best part is knowing in the USA, hot dogs are not made with real meat, so here in Colombia I have no idea what they are made of.

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