Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tanner Ate an Avocado! And Mushrooms! And Tomatoes! Oh My!

As for the investigators, things took a bit of a hit this week. After baptizing Eugenia and Paula, our investigator pool drops off.

The Young Single Adults are starting a program with weekly activities to strengthen the work of salvation here in Bucaramanga. I am excited for the fruits of their, and our, work. It should be great. We will have to see.

The twins in the picture are a set of twins that were baptized almost 2 years ago. One of them leaves for a mission in 10 days so she is super helpful with the work. Plus, they and the entire family love the missionaries. She will be an excellent missionary in Argentina.  
The lessons with recent converts and less active members are always solid. Part of the Restrepo family is on the brink of becoming active in the church again. Plus, Eugenia and Paula are doing great. I honestly think that if we stopped visiting them they would be totally fine. We obviously will not though.

 My foot fungus is definitely decreasing. I called Sister Andelin and she told me to buy some specific cream. It is helping. In a few weeks I should have no problems. My health has been fine.

This week I successfully ate Avocado. Not Guacamolee, Avocado. It was fine. I also ate tomato, not the sauce, tomato. It was not the best, but not horrible. I also ate mushroom. It wasn´t bad either.

 Funny Story: We had to travel to a different part of Bucaramanga for a meeting with President Andelin. The meeting went fine. We had to travel home on Metrolinea, the bus/train service, during rush hour. Let’s just say it was a bit tight. Anyways, after spending 90 minutes on the bus when it should have taken us 15, it was so tight that I could not turn around. I then felt a hand on my left cheek.
I did not have any money back there, so I wasn´t worried at first. However, the hand was not pick pocketing me, the hand was literally caressing my left cheek. It was so tight that I could not turn around, but luckily our stop came up soon. I tried to grab a look of who was behind me, but it was just too crowded. That was a weird 15 seconds while on the bus.

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