Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tanner Perfects His 'Don't Mess With Me Face'

First things first, both baptisms went through very smoothly. The service was Saturday at 5 and it had a very sweet spirit. I baptized Eugenia and a member that helped us for Paula baptized Paula. It was great. The service had a good amount of people, ran smoothly, didn´t have problems, and was just great. We even sang a special musical number (Elder Baez, one of the twins, and I).
The best part of the baptism was when Paula was bearing her testimony and she said that "I never want to go back to what I was." It was so great and both she and Eugenia have serious potential for greatness within and outside the church. Being with them for their conversion process has been a wonderful blessing. Also, the confirmations went well on Sunday.

As to other people, we are lacking serious investigators at the moment. No worries though, we just got to get the ball moving with a few people.

We had a couple lessons this week were we had good discussions but people have a hard time giving up their traditions. We had one person that told us that she totally believes what we say but she cannot change her family traditions. Whenever we have scripture "discussions" we always do it in a very loving type of way. I like the phrase that we open their hearts with the bible and convert their hearts with the Book of Mormon. I have been putting so much effort into studying the Bible because everyone here loves and knows their Bible. It is nice to simply say, "We believe something contrary, look in your own bible." I love seeing faces change.

Also, don´t worry about the dog bite. It was barely a nip and only drew a little blood. I am fine.

I have also mastered the "Don´t mess with me face." I only use it when we pass through bad areas. I just want people to know to not mess with us.

The whole "16 and pregnant" thing is unfortunately very prevalent here. We are teaching a girl named Katherine who is 23 and has an 8 year old girl. Paula, our recent covert, has two kids and is 22. The oldest is 6. They both live in Bogotá. It is very unfortunate and sad.

My talk went fine. The Bishop asked me to talk on Missionary Work. It was easy and went really well. I covered why there is missionary work, and why everyone should eagerly participate. I worded it in a way that was nice and not overbearing.

Some guy got really angry with us this week. We were teaching his mom and he walked into the house, not knowing that we were there, and was not happy. He made it very clear that he was not happy. Whatever. We still prayed to finish up.

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