Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Meet Elder Correa - Tanner's New Companion

So transfers were a bit nuts. In our ward there were two elders and two sisters. The sister`s area was closed and was filled in with 2 elders. Elder Brown and Elder Gonzales. It is nice having two more elders. 

Being the senior comp has been a bit challenging, but fine. Making all the calls, appointments, planning, etc. is tiring, but fine. Elder Correa and I both act as a team to really do the work here. We are doing good work if you ask me. 

 Elder Correa and I are well. Elder Correa is from Paraguay, 20 years old, has 4.5 months in the mission, speaks no English, obviously, and is large. Not fat, just large. He could have been a really good outside linebacker. He is fun to be around. Obviously this first week has been somewhat quiet as we are getting to know each other, but things are picking up. I do miss Elder Baez, but things are really good with Elder Correa too. I have no complaints as of now.

 The work here is good. Finally we can do the work how I want to do it. This week we had more lessons than any other week with Elder Baez. We found a new investigator who is really great, Felipe. He is in one of the photos in a Colombian jersey. He is progressing and we should have a new fecha bautismal if all goes well tonight and tomorrow.

We also have been trying to get the ball rolling with a few people stuck in a rut. At times it is necessary to talk frankly with people, but when done with love it is very effective. People just need to start acting and stop sitting. Laziness is so frustrating. We are doing well though. We are teaching with members and doing our best.

 One thing I have been working on is focusing less on numbers and more on people. You all know me, I want to have the highest numbers in the zone every week. I want to teach a lot of lessons every day. However, missionary work is more than just numbers. If we get 29 lessons in one week but people aren`t progressing, what have we really done? It has been a good opportunity to focus on this.

Quick note on the mission: Within the next 6 months over one eighth of the mission goes home. The mission will be super young at that point. Plus, there are not enough missionaries coming in to fill their spots. We will definitely be experiencing some crazy transfers coming up.

I have got to run. I love you all so much. There is no better feeling than leaving a lesson and not remembering what you said, only the feelings that you felt. That is when you know the spirit is working through you. 

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