Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tanner Becomes Senior Companion

 So Elder Baez left to go to Bogotà. He is headed to be the zone leader in Granada. Good for him. He was really sad to leave. He really loves Bucaramanga. He even cried when saying good-bye to certain people. He did good work here.

 After spending the majority of the day in the bus terminal, my new companion, Elder Correa, arrived at midnight. He is from Paraguay, has 4 and a half months in the mission, and is coming from Chia in Bogotà. In the fifteen hours that we have been together he seems pretty chill.

 When I got the news that I would be the senior companion I was a bit shocked. I wasn`t expecting that. It will be pretty tough considering that I still do not know the area or ward that well, and I have to lead.  Plus we have close to nothing right now. However, it will be good. This transfer will be good because we can finally do the work how I want to do it. That should be a good part about it. I will keep you filled in.

 We successfully completed the reactivation of Felipe and Alberto this week. We put in some solid lessons and they did everything on their part. They will still need visits, but they are much stronger than where they were. It has been good to really work with them.

As to investigators, we have no baptismal dates as of now. I sent a picture of Maria. She has been ready to be baptized for months, yet she needs to be divorced and then marry the person she is living with. She has been paying tithing for months and is practically a member. Hopefully we can get all the other stuff settled so that she can be baptized.

 Also, I have faith in a few people we have found recently. It should be a somewhat slow week but good nonetheless.

We were walking home and suddenly heard three large "splats" right by us. When we looked at what it was, it was egg. Then they started raining down. I guess someone found it funny to throw a bunch of eggs from a high rise at us. We didn`t get hit. Funny story.

 We were also walking in the street when the police stopped this "ñero" to check him. This kid was no more than 14 and probably Emma’s height. The police pulled a huge knife out of his pants. All the ñeros carry knifes, but they are typically small. This was literally a mini machete. Only in Colombia.

 We had intercambios with Elder Castillo, the zone leader this week. It was fun to work in a trio for a day. He is cool and we had fun.

Also, we witnessed a police raid this week. That was cool.

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