Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Exciting New Friends in Faca

So this week was actually really great. We found a ton of people to teach aka new investigators, taught a good amount, had some good fun, and had the two baptisms. Carlos and Nini are a great young couple with lots of potential. It was an honor to finish up teaching them and then to carry out the baptismal service. All went well; no huge hiccups. The bishop baptized them both. On Sunday I confirmed Carlos. It was nice. I am looking forward to helping them strengthen their testimonies and keep them on the active path.

We also had some really great spiritual experiences this week. It was nice.

We found pair of new investigators called Alexander and Martha. They are mother and son. The mother having 82 years and Jose having 50ish. They are referrals from a member in Bogota. Never, in my almost 22 months in the mission, have I ever met people so "prepared." We met them for the first time on Tuesday and they immediately accepted a baptismal date for the 7th of May. They literally said that they are willing to do anything, be anywhere at anytime, and change anything to achieve the goal of baptism. Honestly, at first I thought that it was too good to be true, but it is not. They have already attended church twice, they attended the baptismal service of Carlos and Nini, etc. I cannot explain how ready they are. They are great people. They love us and we really have not done anything super special for them.

Alexander is a lawyer/historian who is unmarried living with his mom. They are collectors of antique items. Their house is FULL of antique stuff. He has a library, but it is a LEGIT library. He is an old book collector. I cannot express how much I think the value of his house is. His house is not very nice, just the items within. The books that he has are striking. I am not fanatic when it comes to old books, but he is, and I would not be surprised if his collection is worth a considerable amount. He has a SICK sword of the Colombia Navy whose handle is complete gold. I gotta take a picture with it. They are gonna be great converts that could help the church so much.

Today we did a bunch of errands that were necessary. Then we went to a park called Piedras de Tunjo. It resides here in Faca and is the only national park here in Colombia that is within a city. It has some ancient art on huge rocks. We had a good time checking it out.

Elder Wright is doing really well. I am trying to include him as much as I can in the lessons. His Spanish is struggling, but he is improving and gaining confidence. He is a real good kid.

We cleaned up the house we are staying in and I switched the beds from the vacant house to the apartment we are using. The apartment is great, just does not have water. We are talking with the land lord so don’t worry.

Just to answer mom´s question about if Faca is so safe that it is ok to put two whites together - no. President Laney has been changing some things up and putting whites together, but Faca has some really rough parts. They are currently doing "Social Cleaning." o limpieza social here in the city. Pretty much they just kill unwanted people. We are fine though. We live in a really safe building.

This week had some funny moments. My comp accidentally poured a TON of oil on a baby’s head when we were giving a blessing. Super funny. Also, during the baptismal service I accidentally started singing when I was not supposed to. Everyone heard... haha. Also, my comp threw up in a cardboard box last week. It is disgusting, but I still do not know why we have not thrown it out. Also, Elder Wright accidentally told someone that he was retarded even though he was trying to say something else. Classic.

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