Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tanner has Rabbis?

This week was pretty good. We struggled getting lessons with investigators; however, we had a really good week when it came to less active members and recent converts.

Alexander and Martha are doing just fine. Alexander received the Aaronic Priesthood and was confirmed a Priest. He will bless the sacrament this upcoming week. That is good because here in Faca there are only two young men that attend. He is more than content with everything that is going on in the church. They are so good.

All the other recent converts of the last 6 months were at church. It was good to see the people that I am specifically working with all at church. The Gospel Principles class was packed. 

Also, the 4 less active members/families that we are specifically working with all came to church. They are good people and I enjoy teaching them. 

Elder Wright and I are doing really well. I really enjoy serving with him. He is not only a good missionary, but a good friend. We get along really well and I will definitely miss him when I leave.

So on Friday we were walking through the street and out of nowhere a dog came up and bit my right calf. I did nothing to provoke it. It literally came out of nowhere and took a bite. I did not really think much of it because it was not that bad, but on Sunday Night the health secretary called me and commanded me to urgently go to the hospital in Bogota the next day to get it checked by a doctor. So today we went to Bogota.  After waiting a butt ton of time a doctor checked out of my leg, said that I probably did not have rabies, but said just in case I need to get the rabies shots. So right then are there they gave me some sort of shot in the arm, then used clothing detergent to clean the leg, then sent me to a different hospital to get the first of 5 shots over a period of one month. So I got the other shot in the other arm and I have to come back on Thursday to get the second shot. They give the shots on day 0, day 3, day 7, day 14, and day30. Also, I have to go back for a checkup later on in the week. I am not too happy about all this. We are gonna waste a ton of time and money traveling back and forth. I kinda got salty with the health secretary because I definitely do not need the shots, but he said that I had to. Whatever. Mom and Emma, I am fine. I do not have rabies and am totally ok. The bite kinda hurt though. haha

I do not have many photos, just to scrubs selfie that I sent.

We met some gringo named John here in Faca this week. He came down here to Colombia to get married. After the marriage the wife stole over half of his money and bounced. He doesn’t really love Colombia. However, he bought a farm up in the mountains and he lives there in solitude. He is pretty much an alcoholic and smokes a ton of weed. He is an interesting character.

There is the tradition that in the last zone conference you get up and share your testimony. I am the only one ending my mission in the zone, so we will see what happens this Wednesday. I will base my testimony probably on three things, the cleansing power of the atonement, the reality of the Book of Mormon, and the true power in the Priesthood. My testimony is strong in these 3 things.

This week we gave talks in church. Elder Wright was super nervous, but he did fine. My talk went well. I spoke on how we can prepare ourselves to share the gospel. Pretty standard. We give talks every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Things are well family. I love you all very much. Be safe and do good. The church is a blessing in our lives. We should do better to appreciate it. 

I found a good scripture this week. Proverbs 26:11

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