Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tanner's Birthday - Mission Style

My birthday was fine. Nothing special to be honest. We a huge lunch that a member gave us, HUGE, and then we went to start our fast at the apartment of our ward mission leader. When we arrived he have me a HUGE hot dog. I was SO stuffed. Started the fast and yeah, that’s all we did.

This week we had the leadership training meeting in Bogota. As usual, we flew in on Wednesday, had the meeting on Thursday, and then rode in bus back to Bucaramanga through Thursday night. The meeting was good, not great. This upcoming week we have to go back to Bogota for intercambios with the assistants. I cannot wait..... We also have the zone meeting tomorrow, zone activity on Monday, and then a multi-zone conference on next Tuesday. We got assigned to give a 30-minute training during the multi-zone conference. It is a busy couple of weeks to say the least.

We did our last intercambios with district leaders this week. It was good. It is a bummer that my real good friend Elder Calaway is going home in 3 weeks. He has been an excellent missionary, but his time is up. I will definitely be seeing him when I return.

Family Lopez was official reactivated this week. That is good. Everything went well during our zone meeting. We did a really good job in the training portion. They enjoyed it.

The problem that we had to fix the last week was that two elders fought, literally. It ticks me off that I have to deal with this type of stuff. They are children.

We went to Bogota again to do the interchanges with the assistants. It was a cluster. Our flight was supposed to leave at 7PM, but do to storms, they pushed our flight to 11:30 PM. We waited to only have it get cancelled. They said that if we waited in line they could get us a flight for the next day. We waited in line, along with literally 500 other people. We got a next morning flight at 7 AM. So at midnight we go down the mountain and arrive in our apartment to sleep. We then have to wake up at 4:30 AM to go back up the mountain to the airport. We arrive, only to find out it was pushed back to 10:30 AM. As Emma would say, "I did not crack a smile the entire time. I was POed."

We found this young adult called Jonathan this week. He is great and has a fecha for the 16th of April. Mark my words in April, Cañaveral will have many baptisms.

The zone is doing well. By the way, during February we once again had more baptisms than any other zone. This month we already have 6 baptisms and 3 reactivation. We will see what we can do in the remaining two weeks.

I had the chance to go and visit Diamante this week and eat lunch with the Acuña family. Probably my favorite family in Bucaramanga. It was cool. Also, now going back to Diamante, I never really realized how dangerous some parts were. I was so ignorant walking through those streets with Elder Correa. It is funny to think about.

We had our zone activity today. We played some silly games like wheelbarrow races, water balloon throws, and the saltine challenge; then we played soccer. I love Colombia, but I still do not love soccer....

Tonight we have a meeting with President Laney and us. Then tomorrow we have the multi-zone conference.

I have been thinking a lot this week about the difference between an object and an agent. An object is what is acted upon and an agent is what acts for itself. As missionaries, we often times treat our investigators as objects. However, we need to help people act for themselves. To be a real follower of Christ there has to be sacrifice. People have to act, not be acted upon. That is when conversion occurs.

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