Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tanner's Happy Surprise from Bucamaranga

Things are well here in Facatativa. Today we did not do much. Some old guy hustled me in ping pong. I lost and had to buy him a pop. I was pretty salty.

We had a good week. Alexander and Martha are progressing just fine. We will have the baptismal service this Saturday at 5 PM. This Sunday they both got up to share their testimonies. They are really good.

The family from Pueblo Viejo unfortunately did not go to church this week due to some legitimate reasons. We had a good lesson with them the other day and the daughter came out of the blue saying that she wants to get baptized. It was cool. Last night a member that we brought on the previous lesson with them called us and asked us if he could go visit them by himself. I thought, what could be the worst that could happen. I still have not called him to ask him how it went. Hopefully well. They are a good family. The dad kinda looks like Wolverine.

This Saturday we borrowed the big soul question cube from the zone leaders and put it up in front of the biggest mall that there is here in Faca. We were quite the spectacle. haha. It was so crowded that day and even though not a ton of people came up to us, we did get a TON of people that saw us and our spectacle. It was fun. I sent some pics.

This is Samuel from Bucaramanga. He contacted me in the street one day when I was in intercambios with Elder Calaway. It is cool that he got baptized. 
Btw, as dad commented, in the last 6 months I have gained some weight. I am guessing around 8 pounds. It has been fun. During the summer I will have to do some serious work to get back to what I was pre-mission.

Also, the last 15 chapters of Alma could make a SICK war movie.... just saying..... haha

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