Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Jumping Picture Was Tanner's Idea

Do not worry about me. Where we serve is not the "nicest" but I enjoy it a lot and feel comfortable. 

When it comes to being intelligent, I think that the biggest factor or indicator is one´s behavior. Many people know a LOT of information, but the do not know how to use it to better themselves or others. For example, many people "know" the bible, but are not putting in practice its teachings. So therefore who is more intelligent, the person that knows a lot and disobeys, or the person that knows a little and obeys? The glory of God is intelligence, or light and truth. I believe that when our behavior is in line with what God desires, there is more light/truth in our lives, thus making us more intelligent. Just my thoughts though...

Marc flaked out of his baptismal fecha this week. It was frustrating. He is a really good kid with a real bright future; he just is really indecisive. 

We had a good work week. It was nice to not have anything strange in the week, just a normal day of companion splits. 

Things are going well with a man named Andres. He is the uncle of a recent convert. He is a bit slow with everything, he is old, but has a good heart. We will see if he continues to progress.

Also, we are seeing progress with a woman named Julia. She is a worker lady in the house of a rich person. She is nice and reasonable. We have a lesson with her this night. 

Also, we should be completing the reactivation of a family this month that is called the Lopez Family. They are a family of many years in the church, but due to soccer training schedules, stopped coming to church. Things are going well with them and they are good people.

This upcoming week is normal. We will have our zone meeting and splits, but other than that it should be normal. March is gonna be a crazy month.  Trips to Bogota, multi-zone conferences, etc. Also, I am definitely leaving this area next transfer. That makes things feel different. That is a long way a way though.

This week was a good one when it comes to teaching. We had a good amount of lessons and found some cool new investigators. We are trying to focus more on member references and less on finding in the street. We have seen some fruits based on our efforts to follow the direction of our mission president.

Elder Montoya of the Quorum of the 70 is coming to visit the mission this week. We will have a multi-zone conference with him this Thursday in Bucaramanga. Should be cool. 

Marc is not gonna get baptized. I did all that I could, but I guess it wasn’t enough. Maybe he will get baptized later on in his life. I hope so at least.

The zone is doing well. We only have one week left in the month and we will see what we can pull out.

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